Supplier Management

eprocurement system

centralize information

Our supplier database is configurable to gather the data that is important to you. The system makes it easy to search, categorize and export supplier data.

supplier registration

streamline registration

Suppliers easily register with the system using a step-by-step wizard format. Once registered, they can easily maintain their profile, search for events and view their past activity.

increase supplier participation

Increase participation

Choose from a variety of methods to notify suppliers, including commodity categories, custom classifications, geography, and more!

bid notification system

Instant Notifications

Suppliers are automatically notified about matching opportunities based on their commodity profile. Buyers can also send messages to suppliers based on a variety of criteria.

diversity codes

Diversity Tracking

View or export reports showing diversity participation by invited suppliers, responding suppliers, or awarded suppliers.

supplier audit

Supplier Activity Logs

Easily monitor supplier activity in the system, including login history, messages, and bidding activity.

All your supplier data in one location

Ion Wave’s Supplier Management module makes finding, viewing, and messaging suppliers a breeze. Quickly search, find, and message specific groups of suppliers such as MBEs, WBEs, and SBEs. 

  • Commodity Codes
  • Diversity Classifications
  • Multiple User Accounts
commodity code


It takes the average supplier a few minutes to create and register their account. Our streamlined registration process ensures accuracy as they get setup in your system.

  • Easy-to-Use Commodity Selection
  • W-9 Collection
  • Customizable Fields


To ensure all of your supplier information is accurate and up to date we have setup various safeguards to ensure reliability. Our system will automatically check registering suppliers to make sure they aren’t already registered.

  • Enforce a Commodity Selection
  • Required Fields
  • Data Validation Prompts
vendor verification


Displayed immediately when suppliers log in, our dashboard quickly informs users of their relevant bid information. From here they will be able to see the status and respond to their bids.

Comprehensive Supplier auditing

Follow the supplier from the first day they register in our system. With detailed audit logs, you will always know the status and activities of your suppliers.

sourcing system


Once a supplier has been selected to participate in a bid they will automatically be notified. The email will include a link to the specific bid they have been invited to.

  • Multiple Recipients per Supplier
  • Email Failure Notices
  • Solicitation Reminder Notices


Dive deep into your data as you explore how various suppliers are using the system. Easily export all the reports into Excel and other formats.

  • View suppliers by commodity code
  • Dollars awarded to MBE’s, WBE’s, SBE’s and more
  • Audit history of suppliers



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