The ultimate eprocurement system


Ion Wave’s suite of software allows you to completely automate your bids and RFPs. Specializing in public procurement allows us to provide unique insight and functionality to help you along the process.

esourcing system

Cloud Based

Hosted on in the same type of environment as Netflix and Amazon provides the same type of reliability that you are already used to. Access our system anytime, anywhere.

sealed bid

Totally Secure

With daily, weekly, and monthly backups managed in 8 locations around the world you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with us.

eprocurement integration

Fully Integrated

Already have other systems in place to aid in the purchasing process? We can build custom integrations that utilize Single Sign On which brings everything together.

Supplier Management

eprocurement system

Centralize Information

Our supplier database is configurable to gather the data that is important to you. The system makes it easy to search, categorize and export supplier data.

supplier registration

Streamline Registration

Suppliers easily register with the system using a step-by-step wizard format. Once registered, they can easily maintain their profile, search for events and view their past activity.

increase supplier participation

Increase Participation

Choose from a variety of methods to notify suppliers, including commodity categories, custom classifications, geography, and more!

bid notification system

Instant Notifications

Suppliers are automatically notified about matching opportunities based on their commodity profile. Buyers can also send messages to suppliers based on a variety of criteria.

diversity codes

Diversity Tracking

View or export reports showing diversity participation by invited suppliers, responding suppliers, or awarded suppliers.

supplier audit

Supplier Activity Logs

Easily monitor supplier activity in the system, including login history, messages, and bidding activity.

electronic Bidding

eSourcing software

Save Money

eBidding can eliminate up to
60% of the effort to conduct a bid event. Build templates and libraries containing boilerplate forms and parameters for easy re-use.

sourcing collaboration

Deeper collaboration

Easily respond to supplier questions submitted through the system. You have full control over who can see the questions and answers.

esourcing enablement

Reduce Errors

Comprehensive validation ensures your system has quality data, including automatic error checking of supplier responses prior to submission.

public procurement

Air-Tight Compliance

Conduct both sealed and informal bidding events with fully featured supplier activity tracking and auditing. Sealed bid data is encrypted and only authorized users can unseal an event.

electronic bidding system

Improve Competition

When bidders are not burdened with printing, packaging, and shipping documents; they can focus more on the bid and increase their competitiveness.

sourcing software

Boost Productivity

Build your bid/RFP including your standard boilerplate forms and parameters, then save it to a template for constant re-use.

Contract Management

eSourcing software

Improve Oversight

Dashboard functionality provides
a quick overview of upcoming contract dates, including soon to expire contracts or certificates. Users can see key information and quickly drilldown into specific items.

bid notification system

Automatic Notifications

The system generates email reminders of upcoming contract dates and certificate expirations. Both internal and external users (including suppliers) can receive reminders.

eprocurement system

Centralize Information

Consolidate your contract information and documents in one online repository. If desired, contract information can also be published for public information purposes.


Exceptions Reporting

Easily view reports of contracts and insurance certificates that are past their end dates. Reports can be easily exported for use outside of the system.

public procurement

Track Insurance

Track insurance coverage requirements for each contract in the system, including the ability to track specific types of coverage if desired.

attach bid documents

Attach Documents

Upload an unlimited number of related files for each contract.
Easily select and transfer documents from a linked bid event in Ion Wave’s Electronic Bidding module.

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